Cinema window treatments

The space that has been chosen to be your home cinema might not always be completely ideal in terms of its structure. One of the issues that can be a problem is too much natural light in the room affecting the performance of the cinema. In the past these issues were harder to overcome, but with advances in technology such as brighter projectors, ambient light reflecting screens and high-functioning window treatments, our team can deliver a luxury cinema performance for practically any space.

Cinema Window Treatments

Cinema window treatments that are automated with the movie

An important part of this equation from a practical and aesthetic point of view are today’s attractive and fully automated window treatments. Whilst the cinema system is at rest, the window treatments remain inactive, allowing the room to function as a space to just relax in, listen to music, or other activities that do not require the room to be in blackout mode.However, when it's movie time, these attractive blinds or treatments move effortlessly and quietly into place, transforming the space to full cinema functionality.

This level of practicality allows you to maintain a multi-use scenario for the space, maintaining a full level of sunlight when required. Our window treatment also delivers various design opportunities, from making subtle changes to the colours and fabrics apparent in the room or presenting an opportunity to make bolder style statements if required.