Home cinema demonstrations

There is nothing better than a test drive in our home cinema demonstrations facility, several cinemas all under one roof.
Once you have selected your dream home cinema via our intuitive CinemaCreator, the next stage in building something truly unique is experiencing what is possible via one of our home cinema demonstrations, which is something we offer to every client. A full demonstration of 4 levels of performance is offered so you can experience every aspect of how a luxury home cinema works, allowing you to confirm what meets your expectations.

A Home cinema demonstration facility that truly impresses

This is where the fine tuning to your choice begins, as our experts will teach you how best to experience a system and work out what your priorities and goals are. Each customer has different tastes, and each customer will experience audio visual stimuli in a slightly different way, so this stage allows us to fine tune your home cinema and create something that genuinely responds to your preferences and what you most enjoy. We are confident that once you experience what is on offer, you will be counting the days before you can experience it in your own home.