Home cinema automation

Home cinema automation eliminates multiple remotes and simplifies use.
Everyone likes to be in control most of the time, except for when the task feels unnecessary, tedious, or too lengthy. Any bespoke environment should have the right level of control – that means you can shape what is happening around you easily and in real time, but there is also a level of automation at play that means many of the background tasks that make the space work happen independently of human interaction.

Home Cinema Automation

Home cinema automation, easy and simple to use

In recent years, the technologies that allow us to deliver fully automated luxury homes that react automatically to times of day, the needs of the occupants and what activity is taking place, have evolved enormously, providing us with the ability to create truly intelligent homes.One of the areas that has benefited most from this development and the skills of our programming engineers is the home cinema.

Allowing the whole family to enjoy the experience of using the cinema easily and quickly, a whole range of programmed scenarios bring the cinema to life when you need it and adjust for different types of use: Quiet movie time for couples, full on party mode for the screening of a rock concert, or family fun movie night. Our intelligent luxury cinemas will do all of this, automatically adjusting the lighting, the AV equipment, and the environment to match exactly the changing needs of you and your family.