Cinema seating

Cinema Seating from Cinema Installer that delivers opulence, comfort, luxury, extravagance, indulgence – these are just a few of the concepts we have in mind when creating the home cinema seating you need to make your experience complete. High-performance is not just about how the system works of course, it is about how it is experienced, and the seating is a vital ingredient in providing something that feels like home the very first time you sit down in your bespoke home cinema. As well as standard designs, every conceivable configuration or aesthetic desire can be catered for, ensuring your home cinema will impress even before the system springs into life.

Cinema Seating

Luxury and Bespoke cinema seating

Whether you want a subtle ‘melt into the background’ look, or a bold style-statement, everything is on the table. And speaking of tables, all our seating can come with a choice of integrated and ergonomic accessories such as tables, hidden cooling compartments, illuminated and cooled glass holders, handy flexible lights – in truth, anything to make your stay more comfortable and complete. The chairs are fully and automatically adjustable to match your mood and preferred position for maximum comfort. Every part of the body is fully supported and seating provides the option to stretch out when required. Our home cinema creations literally place you in the lap of luxury.