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Designing your dream room has never been easier. Click on the Cinema Creator™ link above and follow the steps! Then register to download your own personal design brochure based on your design.

We have applied all our knowledge stretching back over 35 years in the world of high-quality bespoke audio-visual experience creation, Prestige Audio, creators of Cinema Creator™ have built an unrivalled reputation for creating the world’s finest home cinemas and media rooms.

The calculated price generated by our Cinema Creator™ delivers a finished, calibrated room backed up with our market leading support and guarantee.

CINEMA INSTALLER has been created by Prestige Audio to provide customers, architects, interior designers, main contractors and building consultants with a way of designing a home cinema or media room package exactly suited to the needs of every project – quickly and easily, and all online. Our engineering experience and craftsmanship is built into the software of CINEMA INSTALLER, so no matter what room style, aesthetics or equipment is chosen, each system will perform at the highest level and will also be a stunning, luxury space in its own right.

No matter where you are in the world, CINEMA INSTALLER can be used to quickly and easily build a blueprint from which a world class, precisely engineered home cinema or media room system can be created. The work can then be carried out by local contractors under our guidance or by our own team, who are used to working all around the globe.


Luxury cinema installers
and designers

A luxury bespoke experience, engineered and curated just for you. The difference between a good home cinema and world class home cinema is the art of precisely matching the design of the space and the equipment to the needs and wants of those who will be using it.

Over our 35 years of creating luxury home cinemas, we have built up the ability to gain genuine insight from each client on what their listening, viewing and aesthetic priorities are; each project is created as a completely bespoke experience unique to each customer or family who will be enjoying it. This legacy of engineering excellence and knowledge is now available via CINEMA INSTALLER. Once your unique room has been selected and configured through our fast-reacting and easy to use website, our full range of services are activated.

Demonstration of the various equipment options is a key part of our process, allowing customers to make informed decisions while being guided through the process by our experts. Your own tastes and priorities will shape precisely how we build your cinema. The project is then built to our exacting standards, paying expert attention to every single aspect of the build – from the audio-visual equipment, the interior design, the seating, the flooring and the ceiling. Every inch of the room is tailored to deliver a bespoke and fabulously luxurious finish, unique for each customer. Even when the room is completed, the expertise does not end there.

We use the most precise measuring equipment combined with our extensive experience and expertise to calibrate each system not just to the environment, but to the tastes of those who will use it. Knowledge of the preferences of each client gained throughout the process is used to ensure the system looks and sounds the very best it can – tailored to each customer’s needs.

Luxury and bespoke home cinemas are works of art; creating experiences such as these begins and ends with the precise engineering knowledge and abilities of the expert team gathered together to deliver the CINEMA INSTALLER experience. Begin your journey right here with our home cinema and media room creation concierge service and ensure your journey ends in an unrivalled entertainment experience.


To support our promise of quality, here are just a few of the awards for home cinemas we have earned over the years.

Home Cinema Choice Magazine

  • Installer of the Year
  • Best Media Room Installation

International Design and Architecture Awards

  • Finalist 2021/2023

Smart Building Awards

  • Best Cinema 2021/2023

CEDIA Awards

  • Winner, Best Home Cinema £40,000 to £100,000
  • Winner, Special Projects
  • Finalist, Best Home Cinema Installation I
  • Finalist, Best Home Cinema installation II
  • Finalist, Best Media Room
  • Highly Commended, Best Integrated Home