Cinema room acoustic design

Room acoustic design is the most important and neglected ingredient of any high quality home cinema.
Each room that hosts a high-functioning luxury home cinema or media room system will offer challenges to the performance of that system. The shape of the room, the nature of the materials used to construct it, the number of hard surfaces included, the height of the ceiling and the type of doors or windows present will all change how the system sounds.

Having the CINEMA INSTALLER team in place with our legacy of achievement and knowledge of room acoustics is vital if the space is going to look and sound great. Room acoustics is a science and like any science, there are principles and rules established that must be obeyed to reach the right result. The shape of a room has a huge effect on the way sound behaves, so it’s important to begin with the correct shape if designing from the ground up, or know how to compensate for a room that is not the ideal shape, if dealing with a pre-existing space.

Room Acoustic Design

Cinemar room acoustic design with a scientific approach

There are steps we can take to dress the room with specially created acoustic treatments which focus the sound in the room to create a bespoke performance curve precisely for the space and to match your particular performance needs. A correct acoustic design for any home cinema project not only creates high-performance audio, but also adds luxury to the space as the room treatments we use add to the aesthetics of the space, with a huge choice of beautiful patterns, materials and finishes.