Home cinema calibration

Home Cinema Calibration make a good cinema into an amazing cinema.
Every high-performance piece of engineering needs to be calibrated to get the very best performance for the constituent parts and to create a true high-end result with everything working in harmony. Our staff are recognised across the industry as leading experts, with a long track history of training other technicians to meet the high standards needed to operate in this field.

Each product has industry standards that it must obtain to be said to be working at official optimum performance. Our engineers will ensure every piece of equipment in your home cinema meets those standards, but to create the very best home cinemas in the world, you must go further.

Home Cinema Calibration

Home cinema calibration with modern equipment

To truly calibrate world class home cinemas takes years of experience. Software and equipment will take you so far, but for the final flourishes and to reach the very best performance, you need the experienced eyes and ears of those with the right level of ability to identify and correct every tiny nuance in the playback and performance.

Our engineers do that by listening to your tastes and preferences and use their vast experience to calibrate your system so it matches the specific way you enjoy imaging and audio. We work with you to create a truly personalised experience that is unique to you and will take your enjoyment to the highest level possible. It truly is YOUR home cinema.