Cinema system design

The high-performance result you are seeking from your luxury home cinema is created by our expert and experienced team, combining all the technical elements necessary to make the system sing. This process is not simple; combining imaging, amplification, audio and control into a perfect concert of performance takes experience and an ability to design exactly what is needed for the space and for your preferences.

Cinema System Design

Cinema system design by cinema experts

Our experts take the time to get to know exactly what your needs are. Yes, you want a cinema, but what do you like to watch/listen to? Do you enjoy gaming? Do you have a large family or a small one? Do you like sports? What are some of your favourite movies and artists? Do you like to watch during the day or at night? Or both? The answers to all these questions and more can be matched to our exhaustive knowledge of the very best equipment available and how it will behave in the space the system will live in.

This process allows us to design a truly personalised system from the ground up, so that every aspect of its performance is matched to the project. You get a luxury piece of engineering created just for you delivered by the legacy of CINEMA INSTALLER planning, design, and engineering knowledge.