Cinema room design

Work with our home cinema room design team. How your home cinema looks, feels and performs does not just happen by magic. A truly luxury bespoke home cinema will become one of the most favoured rooms in your home, but only if it meets certain exacting criteria where form meets function at the perfect zenith. The look and feel of the cinema is just as important as the way it performs; it needs to genuinely reflect the style and tastes of the owner as well as compliment the rest of the home. With decades of experience in how to meld furnishings and room designs with the best in high-performance home cinema equipment, each of our rooms delivers the perfect experience.

We have been supporting interior designers, main contractors, and architects at an early stage to ensure clients get the best possible performance as well as offering a client direct service

Cinema Room Design

World class cinema room design service

Each home cinema room needs to be laid out extremely carefully with the seats being placed in exactly the right position to experience the system at its very best. We use long established ratios based on how humans experience sound and visual stimuli to make sure the seats are always positioned exactly the right distance from the screen and that the speakers are always in the prime position to deliver audio at exactly the right angles and heights to reach the audience in prime condition.

Like the conductor of an orchestra, CINEMA INSTALLER knows exactly how each aspect of the room comes together to make a beautiful experience. This means that before the build phase starts, we can work with you to create full renders, plans and execution documents that give you the aesthetics and luxury you want, coupled with the best performance.